Wednesday, July 24, 2013

May as well hand out the trophies now

I miss football too, but let's not go too far

Pre-season is all about getting ready for the real season, only Arsenal fans care about winning a trophy!

Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 2-0 at the Allianz Arena in a pre-season game. Stop the press. Write headlines about how Pep Guardiola got one over on his old teams due to his inside knowledge. Ribery and Robben are still too much for Barca, and Bayern are odds-on favorites to repeat their successes from last season. I think people are missing the point. IT’S A PRE-SEASON GAME.

Xavi and Iniesta didn’t play, I’ve never heard of most of the players (on both teams) who played in the second half.

Manchester United lost to Yokohama Marinos (Moyes off to a shaky start); Arsenal scored 7 against both Indonesia and Vietnam (they are title contenders); Real Madrid beat Bournemouth 6-0 (Ronaldo is set to eclipse Messi this year); and Serie A teams are still on summer holidays (they’re not well-prepared to cope with the rigors of the Champions League this year).

IT’S PRE-SEASON. As long as my team signs some decent players, doesn’t lose our other decent players, there are no injuries, no scandals and unless a Middle-Eastern businessman shows some interest in investing, then I don’t care that much.

Back pages need to be filled, but give it a rest.  

Rant over.