Monday, September 9, 2013

Agbonlahor scared of glitter attack? Don't worry it's a school night

I didn't want to write this...

a) Because I don't care
b) Because I am not really sure who is who in One Direction
c) Because I have to admit I know who One Direction, Take That and NSync are
d) Because I don't care

But I wrote it because it's funny.

Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor is getting death threats after smashing one of the members of One Direction with a late tackle in a Charity Game. Good for him. Pop stars, chefs, some guy off a soap opera all play in these games thinking they could be footballers - they can't. They are talentless fame whores who somehow get to play at nice stadiums because they wrote a song about a broken heart - when they're 17 years old.

Grow a pair, you're boring me.

Good for Agbonlahor. Smash him again if you get the chance - it's not like a 13 year old girl is going to attack him with glitter, a teletubbies hairbrush or her cabbage patch kid (if they still exist). She's not allowed out on a school night, otherwise he'd be in big trouble.