Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Janujaz could be great, or another Macheda

Adnan Janujaz is a talent, sure. He scored two against Sunderland and won the game for Manchester United, but let's get some perspective, he's 18 and made one start.

I love to be right, don't get me wrong, but I also like to be proved wrong.

In a month, season, 3 years, show me this article and say "Hey, Janujaz proved to be better than you thought." I'd be happy to say I was wrong and that he's fantastic to watch, wins games and is proven at the top level.

Right now he's played 3 games for United's first team - one of which was the Charity Shield.

Just because David Moyes' team have struggled so far and are searching for some inspiration with Robin van Persie not firing just yet, putting all the pressure on a young kid who won reserve team player of the year last season isn't right.

People are talking about his residency and nationality already as if he's going to win the World Cup every time he plays in it. There's talk of a $50,000/week contract so he doesn't 'do a Pogba' and head off somewhere else.

But wasn't Ravel Morrison 'the best United youngster since Paul Scholes'? I know people said these things about young kids, and Paul Pogba and Morrison could still go on to be greats of the game, but even now, they're just youngsters finding their way. And didn't we hear the same about Federico Macheda a couple of years ago? Seems he wasn't enough of a 'wonderkid' to get a deal at QPR, Sampdoria or Stuttgart. Maybe his loan at Doncaster will work out. 

All of them have played far more than Janujaz. None is are stars yet.

Everytime a young player comes on the scene he's hyped as the 'next Ronaldo, Messi or Pele'. It's not a fair comparison and puts far too much pressure on. Let these players make a name for themselves with their ability, not the media hype.

Because he could be the next Luke Chadwick - but that doesn't make for as good reading.